C6 transmission parts

C6 transmission parts

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Transmission Parts

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c6 transmission parts

Lube Locker C6 Transmission Gasket. Only 20 left in stock - order soon. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Only 15 left in stock more on the way. C6-R Super Servo. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Only 5 left in stock more on the way.

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About Us. Contact Us. Show 25 50 All per page. Alto Product Details. Gasket, C6 Pump Product Details. Seal, Rear, 3N71B, 1. Sonnax R code servo kit KR for C6 mid later units features a no-leak pin which uses one O-ring and one PTFE ring to eliminate back pressure and leakage due to worn case bores. A replacement seal kit KR-SK also is available. More than 9 square inches of apply surface for more band apply force, No-leak servo pin design allows the servo piston to be used in worn bores, Two selective return springs allow for tuning of shift quality, Note-Some servo modifications involve blocking feed or exhaust passages in the case.

These modifications must be removed. For proper operation of this servo, ensure that the exhaust passage and both oil feed passages are unrestricted. Helps to roll most lip seals in without damage. Product Details. It will hold parts in place longer under warmer conditions like summer heat and is for use with automatic or manual transmission assembly.

It's compatible with all transmission fluids. Designed to maintain tackiness in warmer environments, Holds parts in place and provides lubrication during start up, Compatible with all ATFs, Dissolves quickly at operating temperatures, Green formula eliminates misdiagnosing leaks.

Washer, C6 Pump Selective.Automatic Transmission Fluid Additive Lubegard ATF protectant 10oz Prevents automatic transmission fluid overheating, reduces elevated operating temperatures up to 40 F. Extends transmission fluid life. Reduces wear. Increases the transmission fluids ability to transfer heat. Stays stable to F. Dissolves in transmission fluid. Transmission cooler flush, prevents contamination of new or rebuilt transmission, removes grease, dirt, sludge, metal shavings.

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Vacuum Modulators. Pressure Plates. Band Servo Pistons.

c6 transmission parts

Valve Body Kits. Lubegard Fluid Additives. Transmission Tools. Transmission Coolers. C6 Hard Parts. High Performance. C6 transmission parts.Article may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The C6 transmission was developed and created by Ford in the s. It was very similar to the C4 transmission that was created a few years earlier, except that the C6 was designed to accommodate more torque and power than the C4, and generally to be used in the larger engine applications.

One of the most unique features that added to the durability of this transmission was the Borg Warner flexible shift bandthe first transmission to have this. The C6 was an automatic transmission used on engines such as the Cleveland and the Ford engines.

Automatic Transmission, How it works ?

This transmission was also offered in truck applications, having an extended time of being used in the Ford F series trucks, and also a shorter time of availability in the Ford Broncos. The C6 transmission was available in production from until The transmission was produced in Livonia, Michigan for much of its production life, until being moved to Sharonville, Ohio in the 80s.

The C6 transmission is called by many the best automatic transmission that Ford ever built. The transmission was very popular thanks to its strength and durability, being called indestructible by many. The strength, combined with its simplicity makes it quite popular to this day, especially for drag racing applications. While the transmission is known for its strength and durability, virtually all transmissions have issues, and the C6 is no different.

Some of the main complaints include that the transmission can have issues with shifting into drive, or 3rd gear. As mentioned, the C6 transmission is quite strong and was paired with many of the larger V8 engines from Ford.

This 3 speed automatic transmission was designed to handle up to lb-ft of torque, although the C6 with the aftermarket upgrades used for drag racing can handle significantly more torque. This transmission is designed with a longitudinal orientation. This transmission was also designed to handle significant loads in order to be able to be used in the large engine variants of the F The 3 gears selected for the C6 are identical to the gear set for the C4with 2.

The C6, as with the C4, was designed with a goal of reducing the overall weight. The C6 was also made of cast aluminum alloy, including both the main housing and the bell housing. In order to further reduce the weight, approximately 10 lbs of powdered metal was used where required. The dry weight of the C6 is approximately pounds, while the torque converter adds an additional approximate 30 pounds to the weight.

Automatic Transmission Rebuild Kits

The C6 transmission with the stock pan requires 7 quarts of oil, while an extra quarts is commonly required, based on the torque converter being used. The C6 is largely considered the best automatic transmission ever built by Ford.

With an impressive 30 year run from untilthis transmission was well known for its strength, a main reason that this transmission is so common in drag racing today. The 3 speed automatic transmission was also a significant lighter variant of the transmission it replaced, which helps to improve the performance of the car for various reasons. The C6 overall was quite similar to the C4, but it was designed for handling heavier loads and torque, up to lb-ft as a stock transmission.

c6 transmission parts

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C6 Transmission Specs

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C6 Transmission Parts

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c6 transmission parts

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