Honda foreman dies when hot

Honda foreman dies when hot

Remember Me? What's New? Forum The Goods Trikesylvania Motor dies after running for 5 minutes or so???? Results 1 to 13 of Thread: Motor dies after running for 5 minutes or so???? Motor dies after running for 5 minutes or so???? I have an 85 ATC that im having a problem with. Its got excellent compression and the carb has been completely cleaned out, also have new spark plug. Motor starts on one pull with no choke and runs excellent. I can get on and ride it for a couple minutes and it has tons of power, then it starts to bog so i reach down and give it some choke and it starts to run better and then eventually it will not run with or without choke.

Nor will it start. I was thinking maybe it was flooding out so after letting it sit for 20 minutes or so started it up and just let it sit and idle for about 10 minutes and eventually it dies again.

Could this be something electrical? Join Date Aug -- 1, You could be losing spark when your trike gets hot so maybe it needs a coil? Have you cleaned your petcock? My did the exact same thing and it was the petcock and gas tank needed a good cleaining. The fuel system is clean. Im sure of that. If it were the coil is it the Ignition coil Little black thing with the spark plug wire attached or Stator coil Coil under the flywheel?

Whats your spark plug look like? Looks good. Not black but not lean. The other thing is that after sitting for 15 minutes it always starts back up and runs again until it starts to warm up. It turned out he had to have the engine rebuilt That doesn't make any sense. The engine has awesome compression.Forum Home.

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honda foreman dies when hot

What's new New posts. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Honda Rancher just quits!!!!! Anybody know why my honda will run great for about 5 min and just shut down. Craig Knight Senior Member Aug 19, Your gas line has a restriction in it and will not let enough gas get through to keep it running.

After it sits a while it gets enough gas down to the carb. Ths dog hunts!! Senior Member Aug 19, I've got one, Does the same thing, just B4 the Plug fouls completely!! Call Mike Cheeves at Outback motosports in Blueridge!! He can help ya if this doesn't!! BONE said:. CAL said:.

Does Your Honda Have Trouble Starting When the Engine is Hot?

Check for trash in the gas tank or in the fuel petcock. It can float over the hole the gas has to flow through and block the fuel flow. I had that problem with my son's ATV. It was little spiral shaped scraps of red plastic like you'd get if you drilled into a piece of red plastic.

They obviously came from one of those red plastic gas cans. If it's not a fuel delivery problem, then my next thing to check would be the spark coil. Like someone else mentioned, it can go bad in such a way that when it heats up it quits working.Registration is fast and you can even login with social network accounts to sync your profiles and content.

Lately I've been having some running issues with this thing. When I first start it up, runs fine with no issues. I'll ride it for up to 5 minutes, and when nice and hot, idle begins to drop and eventually cuts off. Carb has been taken off a few times now to make sure things are clean, filter was cleaned, valves were adj as they were a little loose when adj it actually took a bit longer to die. For some reason I can't get to the sparkplug? What else, oh, petcock was replaced, and made sure fresh has was used.

When I try to restart it will only start if I give it gas, and when I try to let it idle, it idles really low then cuts off. But once I let it cool down long enough, it will start up off the choke every time and idle, take it for another ride, and when up to operating temps or higher issue comes back. I am thinking you have an ignition problem, some ignition components will start to fail when they get warm.

Ride it until it dies then pull the plug wire off and check for spark. If there is none, start checking ignition parts, coil, CDI, stator, pickup, plug wire, and all wires and switches in the ignition circuit. Here's what was going on, after checking things over and over again. Got it running and hot, put the air box back on, and as I went to put the crankcase vent on, it would start to die.

Once removed the idle would pick back up.

honda foreman dies when hot

So this whole time, once the motor got up to temp, the crankcase vent hose would pull air away from the carb If there is no smoke, then you may have a problem with the crankcase ventilation system, perhaps a clogged filter. No smoke at all. What else could be clogged? It's the only hose coming out of the case to the intake track. I'm sorry, I did not mean the air cleaner, there is a second blow by tube on the valvle cover, it may have a filter on it, or it may run into the airbox.

Either way, make sure nothing is obstructing it. Also, the lower tube that comes out of the crankcase is connected to a catch tank that attatches to the intake tube, make sure that tank is not clogged either.

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Honda ATV Forum. Search In.

Does Your Honda Have Trouble Starting When the Engine is Hot?

Facebook Twitter YouTube Pinterest. Do you own an ATV? Join our Forum!You back off throttle and it stops but starts again after a minute or if you get on it.

The carburetor has been cleaned, we checked the spark plug, and then changed it. So my next idea would be to change coil and plug boot. Have not replaced rectifier yet so could also be that, maybe. It does put out vdc peak of power to coil, should be but I figured that was pretty close. So do you have any ideas? Wow, it sounds like the slew of tests you have performed were quite extensive. There is, however, one item that might have slipped your mind.

Heat makes things expand, right? When you start a cold engine everything is tight no matter if it is worn out of spec or not, but soon becomes hot and loose?

So the very first thing I would check is the compression when the engine is warm. If the engine heats up and the cylinder compression gets low due to worn rings, the engine will begin to show signs of trouble. If this is a carbureted version of the H.

The timing of a machine is also crucial. If the timing is off or the valves are out of adjustment you can also get these same symptoms in similar circumstances. Story by Rick Sosebee.

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I have a fourtrax that kills on me after it runs for a little whill or after it warms up can any body help me. I think I have tried every thing but there has to be some thing that I have not tried. Vapor lock possibly. Gas cap vent may be bad. But when I try to restart it kinda back fires and then it will finaly crank but it runs like crap. And a bike will run on choke until it gets warm then it will die and it will cause it to backfire trying to start it. If the choke isn't on then check your air filter.

Sounds like an air flow problem. Does it start up right after it dies or do you have to let it set for a while? If you have to let it cool it might be the coil. You can post now and register later.

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honda foreman dies when hot

Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Not a member? Honda ATV Forum. Search In. Do you own an ATV? Join our Forum! Recommended Posts. Posted December 1, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Needle stuck in carb of bad float? I rebuilt it and mad sure that everything was clean. Compression test?

Posted December 2, What is the Year,Make and Model of this.A very common reason for this symptom is a problem with the main relay—an electronic device that opens and closes the fuel supply to the engine.

To determine if you indeed have this problem, try the following test:. Although the problem is the same, different Honda models have different symptoms if the main relay is bad.


On an Accord, you will lose fuel pressure. If the main relay bad on a Civic, you will lose power to the injectors and the fuel pump, but you may not lose fuel pressure since the fuel injectors can't open without power.

When the main relay goes bad, and there isn't any voltage at the injectors, it will set a code 16 computer message for an injector, because the computer doesn't read voltage on the ground side of the injector. Before you dive in too fast, it's also possible that the car has more than one thing causing a hard start. You could also have a bad ignition switch, a bad igniter, or a bad ignition coil. To test for spark, you should first perform a simple spark test; then you can test the coil itself.

Unfortunately, to test the igniter itself, you need an automotive oscilloscope—something that is used so infrequently that you probably don't have one in your home shop. A malfunctioning main relay will give you the same symptoms as a bad coil or a bad igniter. But the main relay most often fails when the weather is really hot, while the other possible causes will exhibit the symptom nearly all the time. Although you might have a hard start now and then with a faulty main relay, it is usually not enough to cause you much concern—you can usually get the engine started despite the momentary difficulty.

But when an igniter or a coil fails, the car won't start at all until it cools down. If you've determined that the culprit could be the main relay, you should do a Honda Main Relay Test to be sure. There's nothing worse than replacing an expensive electrical part only to find that it wasn't the problem in the first place. Don't forget; many parts suppliers have a "no returns" policy on anything electronic.

Matthew Wright. Matthew Wright has been a freelance writer and editor for over 10 years and an automotive repair professional for three decades specializing in European vintage vehicles. Updated January 26, Use a piece of stiff wire to hold the throttle linkage at a set position and set the engine speed at about 2, rpm.

Let the engine run for about 20 minutes with the hood closed. Remove the wire from the throttle linkage and turn the engine off.

honda foreman dies when hot

If the engine doesn't start, turn the key on. The check engine light will come on for two seconds and go out. You should hear the fuel pump run during the two seconds. When the light goes out, you should hear the main relay click. If you don't hear this clicking sound from the main relay, check terminal seven on the main relay fuel pump for power and terminal eight computer for ground.

If you have no power even though you have a proper ground connection on terminal eight, it means that the main relay is bad.The contents of the Alaska Outdoors Supersite forums are viewable by anyone, and may be read by clicking the forum headings below.

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Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. I've had a Honda foreman for about six or seven years. I recently put a warn winch on it, and got a warn plow for winter use. It worked several times really well, but the last four or five attempts to plow, the atv stalls out and is hard to get going again.

It has gotten to the point where it stalls after about two minutes. It won't start again for several minutes, but does crank for awhile.

But if I let it sit ten minutes, it fires right up, then dies again. Im wondering if adding the winch and plow is too much for the battery. The stator is working fine, charging around volts.

When I crank it when it won't start, the voltage drops to around But, it seems like once I get it started, it should continue to run on the stator, like a car alternator? Does it need a solid battery to keep running after its started? My ear tells me maybe a fuel problem. But I also have never replaced the battery in all the years I've owned it. If I need to pull the carburetor and rebuild, it sure would be nice to start there instead of an expensive battery. Im thinking possible problems to be: battery spark plug carb rebuild fuel screen in gas tank anything else I might be missing other than compression, but lets not go there yet thanks in advance.

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