Maplelegends buccaneer guide

Maplelegends buccaneer guide

One of the most challenging things to do in Maplestory is, for many players, deciding which class to play when creating a new character. There are several things to consider when choosing which class to play, including the playstyle and DPS. The following is a list of all classes in the global version of Maplestory, GMS, ranked based on their damage output.

Against certain bosses, you need to take out multiple parts at once. Furthermore, this tier list is not a direct reflection of how well a class does against all bosses because calculations are based on unobtainable perfect stationary conditions with nothing to dodge.

Instead, it is an overview of how much damage each class, in theory, can dish out against a single target.

How to get Silver Deputy Star?

The original data this tier list is based on has been prepared by Monolith, source. DPM calculations are based on the character being fully optimized, which includes being max level with BIS gear. You can read more about the conditions used for calculating damage output here. Once you reach late game, the primary objective is to become stronger to beat powerful bosses. Therefore, some players prefer to play a class that excels at taking down bosses.

All the following classes are very strong all-around but do lack in terms of mobbing and farming compared to certain other classes.

maplelegends buccaneer guide

Night Walker is a thief of the Cygnus Knights branch who throws throwing stars and sends out bats as his primary source of damage. Night Walker is one of the best bossing classes in Maplestory due to his high DPS, utility through bats, and clones. Players can further increase the damage they deal as a Night Walker by pressing and holding both jump and their main throwing attack at once. This will cause your character to throw twice per jump, which is quite a bit faster than were you simply standing on the ground and holding your main attack.

Besides incredible damage output and high mobility, Night Walker has a bind, which ensnares bosses for a period of time — an immensely useful ability to have during a boss fight. Another amazing bossing class in the global version of Maplestory is Hero, who is a warrior of the explorer branch.

Contrary to other versions, you can reach a higher attack speed level as a Hero in the global version of Maplestory, making him incredible at bossing. His main attack against bosses is raging blow, which deals massive amounts of damage when in enraged state.

The Hero class both deals tons of damage, but is also tanky, making him an excellent class for soloing. Heroes can use both axes and swords, which can be convenient for players with fewer mesos for funding.

The general consensus among players is that two-handed weapons are the superior choice when playing a hero, even though the class can also use a one-handed weapon and a shield. Dual Blade is like Night Walker also a thief but uses a dagger and a katara instead of throwing stars. Dual Blade excels at bossing as most of his most powerful skills focus on a single enemy, dealing huge amounts of damage with lines filling up the entire screen.

Once you reach 5th job, Dual Blade gets a skill, Blade Storm, you can use while moving around, which is useful during boss fights to keep up your DPS while dodging attacks. Luminous is a powerful mage class of the Hero branch with particularly one skill that makes him an amazing mobbing class, Reflection. Reflection sends a light of energy towards an enemy and then bounces to enemies throughout the entire map.

In many situations, Luminous can hit the entire map already from 4th job by just standing still and spamming Reflection. Another excellent mobbing class in Maplestory is the Ice Lightning mage, a magician of the explorer branch.Pirate can advanced as a Buccaneer or Corsair. This specific job route is determined when you reach Level Buccaneer is one of Pirate subclass that uses knuckles to knock-down their enemies in close-range combat.

They have mix traits of a Warrior close combat and Thief agile attacks. Tornado Uppercut Active Performs a fast uppercut that creates a wild tornado and attacks enemies. When the energy is charged fully, you create a stronger Energy Vortex that travels further. Energy Vortex Hidden Skill Create a wild energy vortex to attack enemies. Energy Charge Passive Charges up your energy while attacking. Strengthens your body when the energy is fully charged.

Uses energy instead of MP when using most attack skills. Receives only half the effect while charging.

Half of the effect while charging. Corkscrew Blow Active Allows you to punch multiple monsters at once with an energized fist. Must have knuckles equipped. Level 10 required to learn Speed Infusion. Knuckle Mastery Passive Increases knuckle weapon mastery and accuracy. Corkscrew Blow 1Tornado Uppercut 1 2. Knuckle Mastery MAX 3. Dark Clarity MAX 4. Physical Training MAX 5. Perseverance MAX 6. Knuckle Booster MAX 7.We are a small group of diverse individuals who share a love for MapleLegends.

We believe in growing together. We make mistakes, and we learn to improve from them. We strive to be a group capable of completing all bosses. We want to provide our members also a nostalgic social aspect we all grew up with such as GPQ, Events, hangouts, and other bonding activities.

maplelegends buccaneer guide

Boop provides services for bosses such as Scarlion, Targa, and Zakum. Our guild has hosted successful Horntail runs, too. We do all guild runs, or mix it up and bring some of our buddies along. As of now, Boop has around 40 members and Booper has We plan to maintain this size for a hundred members total.

We do recruit, but we would prefer only members who can contribute something to our guilds. This can be in any of the categories of bossing, gpqing, conversations, helping out members, etc. Below are a list of some basic requirements, too :p. This is our original first guild.

The members in here are those who are capable of bossing, want to boss, or wish to eventually do so. As long as there is some consistency, you should be fine. We understand everyone has their own lives, and things can get busy. If you are going to be away for quite some time, just let us know C:. This is our sister guild we are alliances with that was made only a week after Boop was created.

maplelegends buccaneer guide

In Booper, you can enjoy the same benefits as those in Boop while still being a more casual player if that is what choose to be. We want players who can contribute to our community such as attending guild pictures, discussions, and events. The scroll guide will be updated occasionally. Data is collected from a mix of channels and markets. Use it as a guide and not an actual representation of the current market prices.

Credits to Ohviviho, happy mapling! Boop and Booper started off solely being run by one person, but over time has built loyal members who have contributed to the growth and stability of the guilds.

How to Buccaneer !

The guilds are its entirety. Not just a single person. Here are some of the leaders in the guilds. Not just being high level or strong, but because of the community it had. Without the support of her and this guild I would have legit quit a long time ago. I'm glad to be a part of such a positive and wonderful community. Whether it is someone giving you in-game advice or lending an ear to hear your real life problems, there's always someone there for you.Buccaneer has been in a meta-defining position since the release of Ranked PvP.

In the past, Buccaneers capitalized on that ability and planned their gear and companion choices with the idea of rushing down the enemy in a few turns.

Despite the trend of faster matches discussed hereBuccaneer is fully capable of playing a slower and more methodical style. This guide discusses this slower play style in which the Buccaneer hopes to outlast the enemy in both shields and heals. Should Pirate ever receive another update, these 2 talents will become stronger as well, due to their percentage-based nature.

The practice point choices will support that playstyle. The final point varies depending on preference. The Variable Category shows the options for the last point. My personal choice is Ghostwail; however, the other choices are both viable for Buccaneers in general. Ghostwail provides poke damage towards a unit to make them easier to take down later in the match. Spooky 2 raises the effectiveness of heals marginally. The play style promoted by this guide is slower than the strategies promoted in guides such as this one in the past.

The gear choices reflect that idea. All gear choices here can be substituted as long as the total cards provided is the same.

The stats, like Accuracy, are important; however, this strategy can still be executed without them. The Pet tab discusses possible replacements because duplicating a pet is very difficult in this game. The Empire Bundle provides this hat. The Revive and the accuracy are the focus. The level 55 or 60 options of this robe are also acceptable. The Empire Bundle gives these boots. Buying a piece from the Bazaar is acceptable, but not ideal as it provides mediocre stats.

This is the defining gear piece of this guide that makes it stand out from previous guides. Other Haywire Weapons can fill some of the advantages of this weapon, but this one is the best to use in general. The weapon deals magic damage and this bypasses the armor on Buccaneers, Swashbucklers, and Privateers. Over the course of a match, these small damage gains add up. As discussed earlier, Jinzaburo drops replacements for this piece of gear.Wanting to join the rest of our members?

Feel free to sign up today. Discussion in ' Classes ' started by IrisJun 4, Sign Up Now. Can't connect? Please click here for a list of resolution steps. Iris Some Dutchie. Will update someday in the future. Welcome to Iris' Buccaneer Guide! You're not required to follow exactly what this guide has to offer. But it will hopefully cover all the core things to create the Buccaneer that you want.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a post! I will try my best to update as much as I can pertaining to this class. Without further ado, here is what you have been waiting for Because of this, we want to maximize damage potential as soon as possible.

These two skills are the core skills that all Buccaneers agree with. There are NO exceptions to this, unless you are willing to pay the price of a little bit less HP at the end. Even if some of the other skills seem enticing to try out, do not fall for it if you want to maximize the potential HP gain of your character.

Next we put one point in each Corkscrew Blow and Backspin Blow for the mobility. Corkscrew Blow is almost never charged up fully for the damage, but instead used to move your character around more efficiently. Backspin Blow is the same too, but no charge up necessary and it stuns normal mobs. We then get Knuckle Mastery up to level 5 to put 6 skill points in Knuckle Booster. One minute of Knuckle Booster is enough for your everyday training. Then you max out Corkscrew Blow because increase the skill level also increases the range that it can reach.

You will need to use Sommersault Kick and Energy Blast together to mob. This is the reason why Shockwave is a viable but personally do not recommend option. A Marauder can be built in many different ways and I'm not sure if my way is even the best way. This is my own build that I have not seen around anywhere yet but I think for this server, it is the best way to build. We start off with Stun Mastery to get those shiny red numbers to increase our damage output overall.Discussion in ' Class Guides ' started by BuccaneerApr 28, Log in or Sign up.

Tags: beast buccaneer buccaneer guide guide new new source new source update source the beast buccaneer guide. JacobSCAApr 25, I was lazy but finally got through to change the 4th job build after the new addition of the 60 second CD on Super Transform. Also capped initial maxing of Super Transform to level 11 just to get seconds of it instead of the old level One day may add new items and bosses in. BuccaneerApr 28, Shockwave also gets points for looking super cool.

TsueApr 29, OfficiallyApr 30, If you don't have any ranged attackers or they are lower level, I start on the top right ranged arms with demolition. And likewise, if you have all ranged members, and there are grouped arms, you can do your best mobbing combo depends how many arms you can reliably hit, here is a comparison of common mobbing combos on bosses. Last edited: Apr 30, TsueApr 30, Officially and Buccaneer like this.

Buccaneer and FuminoAya like this. Joined: Nov 10, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1, FuminoAyaMay 1, JacobSCAMay 2, Hey thanks. BuccaneerMay 2, HelloFineSirMay 3, Now that 3rd job transformation can be used practically infinitely, why not go max shockwave earlier? Well i know buccaneer is banned, so im directing this question to whomever plays bucc. LichWizJun 30, Discussion in ' Class Guides ' started by BuccaneerApr 28, Log in or Sign up.

Tags: beast buccaneer buccaneer guide guide new new source new source update source the beast buccaneer guide. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Pros vs. Cons 3. AP Builds 4. New Dragon Strike Damage. New Barrage Damage. Head over to Kyrin, 1st job instructor and start the quest 2. You'll then be teleported to a special map where Super Kyrin will be spawned 3.

In order to finish this quest, you'll need to survive getting hit by Super Kyrin for a brief amount of time. Super Kyrin only hits around 3, so just spam potions until the timer runs out 4. New Demolition Damage. He will prompt you to defeat Papulatus for a silver key 3. Defeat Papulatus and he'll drop the silver key.

Return to Rolonay 4.

MapleStory Buccaneer Skill Build Guide

He'll tell you to head back to Papulatus and defeat him once again. Defeat Papulatus once more and try entering the door to Papulatus again.

maplelegends buccaneer guide

You'll be teleported to a map with a Papulatus NPC 6. Keep talking to Papulatus and select the bottom option and he'll send you back to Nautilus Port to talk to Rolonay 7.

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