We didnt want to sit idle: a rush to meet pro sports testing needs

We didnt want to sit idle: a rush to meet pro sports testing needs

Sanford Health converted leftover medical trucks into three mobile laboratories, Levinson said, which can return results from the nasopharyngeal swab test in less than two hours. Phillips, the Spectrum Solutions executive, said that he had talked with nearly all of the professional sports leagues in the U.

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He hoped to double that number, and his staff, to aboutby August. Thanks to automation, Dr. Sahred From Source link Sports.

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But now, through some trick of the light, what they gave back to society became …. July 12, 4 Views 0 Comments sports. A Sudden Demand Phillips, the Spectrum Solutions executive, said that he had talked with nearly all of the professional sports leagues in the U.

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we didnt want to sit idle: a rush to meet pro sports testing needs

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Phillips is the chief operating officer of a medical device company, Spectrum Solutions, that provides saliva test kits for companies like Ancestry. Spectrum, based outside Salt Lake City, teamed up with a laboratory at Rutgers University, made a few tweaks and found that the effectiveness of their saliva test kit was comparable to the nasopharyngeal test, or the long swab, that was already in widespread use.

By mid-April, the Food and Drug Administration granted the Rutgers lab an emergency-use authorization. A month later, it received approval for the test kit to be used at home. With sports leagues desperate to salvage their seasons and profits, testing was always crucial — even more so now as the number of cases rises nationwide. But there was no blueprint, so a patchwork of businesses and labs, all with entirely different missions before the pandemic, converged to meet the need.

we didnt want to sit idle: a rush to meet pro sports testing needs

Eichner said. Navigating the rapidly evolving world of coronavirus testing has been far from a simple task for professional sports leagues. They have had to weigh the efficacy and speed of various tests and companies, all while trying to ensure they would not be taking away resources from those who needed them more.

When leagues began exploring their options — Levinson said the tour consulted laboratory directors and its own medical advisers — saliva-based tests emerged as a popular choice. They could be done almost anywhere, with minimal assistance from a medical professional and without much personal protective equipment, and some studies found saliva was a reliable alternative to the more-common nasopharyngeal swabs.

Another benefit: Spitting in a tube is much less painful than a swab shoved deep into the nasal cavity. Before the pandemic, it was part of a growing wave of telehealth companies, connecting patients with doctors via video calls and facilitating shipments of treatments through the mail.

‘We Didn’t Want to Sit Idle’: A Rush to Meet Pro Sports’ Testing Needs

When the pandemic hit the U. But then he realized he was sitting on a wealth of resources that would be useful amid the crisis: He had a relationship with both the Rutgers lab, known as RUCDR Infinite Biologics, and Spectrum Solutions for other products, and a virtual consultation platform that would provide a safe way to talk to patients.

Vault Health devised an at-home saliva testing package, which is supervised via a Zoom video call and mailed overnight to the Rutgers lab, that could produce a result within 48 to 72 hours.

Sanford Health converted leftover medical trucks into three mobile laboratories, Levinson said, which can return results from the nasopharyngeal swab test in less than two hours.

Phillips, the Spectrum Solutions executive, said that he had talked with nearly all of the professional sports leagues in the U. He hoped to double that number, and his staff, to aboutby August.

Thanks to automation, Dr. Throughout the pandemic, public health experts have questioned whether sports leagues were jumping to the front of the line for tests at the expense of the general population. Unlike other leagues, M.

Why SMRTL, a nonprofit, morphed from an antidoping testing and research lab into one focusing mostly on coronavirus testing has to do with Dr. And as the coronavirus raged through the U. As Dr. To test the saliva coronavirus samples, the lab also needed to clear several federal hurdles.

we didnt want to sit idle: a rush to meet pro sports testing needs

Eichner said SMRTL — used to dealing with anonymous athlete samples — boosted its secure network to meet federal medical privacy laws for handling patient information. Eichner said they were allowed to operate in the meantime. But M. At least six M. Test collectors also reportedly failed to show up in some instances. Before the delays became public last weekend, Dr. In the wake of those hiccups, an M. With M. Eichner said SMRTL moved from working five days a week to every day, added at least five new people and can now process 2, samples a day.Many women write here of the baffling strangers their depressed husbands or partners have become.

One turns on his partner, blames her for the pain he feels, acts abusively and then leaves, convinced that getting away from her will solve his problems. He leaves too, often to sink further into depression. Of course, there are many variations of these stories, but, in general, the men either blame their partners or they blame themselves. Some cut off every kind of communication. Others want to stay in touch, just a little.

None of them get serious about trying to get better. They might sample medication or therapy in a perfunctory way but quickly give them up as useless.

Instead, I want to ask a question about what happens to the women in these stories. I hope you can give me some more insight. The estrangement, the loss is often so sudden that shock is the first response. How can this happen? Where is that great person I fell in love with? He must still be there, and I must be able to help him get well — and come back. And running through it all at times is an acid of self-doubt. Is this partly my fault? Was I sympathetic enough, loving enough, good enough?

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One of the many insidious things about depression is that it draws in the people who live within its influence, as Michael Yapko has discussed in his recent book, Depression Is Contagious. Partners of depressed men have already lived with the illness for some time before the break occurs. They need help to deal with that impact. After the worst happens, they continue trying to make a difference and encounter one frustration after another.

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You see, when women talk to other women emotions can be shown without any repercussions. In fact, I feel that this is why women are such good listeners.United shortly before it was scheduled to begin Sunday morning because of one unconfirmed positive test and one inconclusive test for COVID The unconfirmed positive test was for a D.

United player, while a Toronto player returned the inconclusive test. Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine warned Monday that a cycle seen at the start of the coronavirus pandemic may be repeating: A wave of sickness among younger people that can lead to more severe infections and death among older people. New Jersey Gov.

Phil Murphy said the seven-day rolling average of new cases was declining and the transmission rate was still below 1. But if hockey was in need of someone to step forward and put a face to the virus at this challenging juncture in history, it couldn't have found too many athletes better equipped to do so than Auston Matthews. It was done matter-of-factly after the opening session of the team's summer training camp, with Matthews saying, "Yeah, I did" when asked Monday about a report that he contracted the novel coronavirus while at home in Arizona waiting out the paused season.

On a day of troubling news for the league -- Westbrook revealing that he has tested positive for COVID and two other players facing day quarantines for leaving the league campus perimeter at Walt Disney World -- it was also announced that two players tested positive for the coronavirus after arriving in Central Florida last week.

Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook announced Monday that he was one of 19 NBA players to test positive for the novel coronavirus this month, delaying his availability for the league's restart outside Orlando. The NBA announced Monday that 19 players tested positive this month before 22 teams traveled to the protected Disney World campus, where games are slated to begin July Defender Frederic Brillant completed a late comeback with a 91st-minute goal as man D.

Substitute Federico Higuain, in his D. United debut after a decorated career in Columbus, started the rally with a chip over Quentin Westberg after the heart of a reshuffled Toronto defence was sliced open by a pass from Brazil's Felipe. Matt Hancock revealed how flare-ups in schools, businesses and pubs across the country are consistently being handled with 'local actions' Hancock's comments come after 73 cases of the virus were confirmed at A S Green And Co, a farm in Mathon, Herefordshire, leading to around workers being quarantined as a precautionary measure.

Hiedeman first tested positive during the team's round of testing from June July 5, completed before the Sun traveled to Bradenton, Fla. Bachchan, 77, said in a tweet Saturday that he had tested positive and appealed to those who were in close proximity to him in the past 10 days to get themselves tested.

Whatsapp Facebook Twitter Email Gmail. Read full article. Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Email Gmail. Russell Westbrook tests positive for coronavirus as two NBA players violate guidelines. Storylines abound as NHL makes unprecedented summer return. Toronto FC settles for draw after late collapse against D.

Bollywood's Amitabh Bachchan, 3 family members test positive. See moreIn fact their wearing a mask is tying a yellow ribbon in their front yard during the Iran hostage crisis.

But my dears, I fly the flag all the time, up to and including when I get a wild hair. Flying the flag or tying the ribbon, or wearing the AIDs ribbon also did bloody nothing, except perhaps lend comfort to other people in the same situation.

Like your neighbors who wanted the hostages back already and wanted life back to normal. Or your friends who wanted a cure for AIDS. Or other people grossly infuriated by the attack on the twin towers, who wanted to do something when there was nothing they could do. I deal in symbols. Of course I understand. For me there are costs greater than for most people. More on that later. Because the cloth masks are about as good for stopping a virus as a window screen for stopping smoke.

Or kill them. On the PLUS side, they keep you from sneezing at people. This means any extra particulate is going on the ground. Okay then, the mask keeps you from doing that.

No, not just Coronavirus. Rhino from nose, not the animal viruses too. They might just be too few to infect anyone, and besides, your immune system keeps them in check.

‘We Didn’t Want to Sit Idle’: A Rush to Meet Pro Sports’ Testing Needs

She was right and also woefully wrong. Like getting soaked and cold. The virus was already there, but not in quantities to cause a horrible illness. Until, of course, your defenses went down.

Also for the record, viruses mutate extremely fast and can interchange DNA and create super mutant viruses. This is why animals and people living in close proximity is a big issue and why we have swine flu, chicken pox, etc etc. And continue wearing it. A friend who is a nurse says under no circumstances should you wear a mask — the same mask — longer than half an hour.

Another friend who is a biologist says no, leaving the mask in the locked car in the sun is NOT enough to disinfect it. You need to run it through a bleach cycle on hot. AND loads of detergent. And a hot dryer. And guess what?

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